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Founder and Chef

I was born in the steppes of Ankara and left home for England at the age of 18. I studied economics and like it wasn’t enough I got a master’s degree in finance. I never enjoyed my profession as an economist/banker and focused on my interests instead. From the first day of my stay in England I missed my mother’s food so I started cooking by recipes from home. Eventually home cooking and food has become a passion for me. It’s been 20 years since I got into cooking and I am totally self-trained. I like to improvise while cooking. I am into food photography. I write about food on The Rabbit Hole blog


Chef & Partner

I am the partner and chef at The Rabbit Hole!

I was born and raised in Ankara. I became a dietitian but realised that I love to feed people instead of advising them what not to eat! So I went to Le Cordon Bleu London and trained as a chef. I returned to Ankara and worked as a chef in various top restaurants for 10 years. I am specialised in gluten free nutrition and special nutrition habits. I am also a Yoga instructor. 


Founder & Retired Chef

Emek retired from The Rabbit Hole and moved to Finland. He is now cooking for some lucky Fins.

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